(This type of post comes from posts I’ve read on The Frugal Girl.)

I finally made it to Sam’s today to buy dog food for Bruno (which was a good thing since he finished his last bag at breakfast today).  While I was there I noticed one of my favorite household items at a great bulk price.


Why, yes.  This is Rid-X.  For those of you who own a home with a septic system you may already be familiar with this product, and if not, you may need to become familiar with it.  When we moved into our home in May several veteran homeowners suggested we use this product once a month by flushing it down the toilet.  We have.  And we haven’t had an issue with our tank yet.  🙂

ImageI’m still wondering how this teeny little Bitsy Girl became this big girl


I can’t believe that in only 8 months a tiny little squeaker became a sitting, crawling, talking, feeding herself baby!  I’m amazed at how quickly Bitsy Girl grows and gets ever so slightly more independent from us everyday.

I’ve been reading a book called A Year in the Village of Eternity which is about the foods and lifestyle of the people in the small Tuscan village of Capidomele.  Not only has reading this book reminded me of all the homemade, homegrown, and delicious things I grew up on in an immigrant Italian family, but it has inspired me to try to jar my own tomato sauce this year.  I’ve started seeds. 🙂

Well, off to enjoy some ice cream and hang with the Beard.