Where we live we aren’t able to put most plants in the ground until April 1st, and because I’m excited and impatient I’ve begun our garden in the kitchen window:

These are our tomatoes and cucumbers.  There are two trays of ten seedling spots; 16 of them are tomatoes, and only four are cucumbers.  Why yes, I am Italian. 🙂

If you can’t see what these are the left packet is long, thin, cayenne peppers (hot) and the right packet is sweet banana peppers.  Boy do I hope we don’t mix these up!

And these are my pretty plants.  🙂  The back packet is dahlias, and the front one is lavender.

In addition to these I’ve also got carrots, spinach, kale, rhubarb, and strawberries in the ground already (planted around March 1), since they can tolerate a frost.  I’ve got seeds to start pumpkins, zucchini, beans, cilantro, oregano, fennel, hollyhock, poppy, and chamomile (to be planted around April 1).  I may be mildly ambitious with this gardening business, but it’s for a good reason!

We grow this garden so that we can have some homegrown, organic vegetables.  I’m a firm believer that no tomato tastes better than the one you pulled off the vine just a few minutes before, and no herb flavors a dish better than the one harvested just before use.  Plus, growing some of our own food saves us some moola.  I’m a vegetable fanatic, and buying different kinds of veggies at the grocery store can get expensive.  I’m hoping we’ll save a bit of cash by growing our own.

I’ll be posting photos of our garden this week and I’ll post about progress we make along the way, and of course, I’ll post useful information I find out along the way.  Feel free to post comments and questions.

And now for our Silly Beard Moment of the Week:

Since it’s near Easter, I had to buy Beard his favorite Easter-time treat:  Peeps.  The store had a variety of colors, and I selected the two manliest colors I could find:  blue and yellow.  Upon informing Beard of this, he grabbed his beloved treats and gave me this pose:

“Now I just need a beer can.”