I am definitely an impatient gardener.  I expect that when I put seeds in the ground those little cotyledons will be working their way out of the soil by the next morning.  After all, that’s what happens on television, so it must be true.

So everyday I pop into the backyard to see if anything has sprouted.  Thus far, it looks like just some more weeds.  Yay.

My strawberry patch is thriving, as you can see:Image

See those dainty little white flowers?  In a few days the petals will fall off, the ovary portion of the flower will enlarge and ripen, and we will be able to eat some fresh, homegrown strawberries. 🙂

My indoor starts have been fairing okay.  Of course, almost all of the tomato seeds I put in have sprouted, and some of the peppers have, as well.  I’m having a little more trouble with peppers and flowers.  We have both been watering these little guys about every other day, and I’m starting to wonder if that isn’t right for these plants.  Peppers shouldn’t be too picky, they grow naturally in dry and humid places.  I’ll have to do a bit more research.  For the lavender and dahlias, I suspect they may need more water.  Flowers are, afterall, a biologically expensive accessory and require lots of nutrients.

Our final gardening hurdle, though, involves this little man:


He has not dug up any of our plants as of yet, but we really haven’t gotten going, either.  I have horrible visions of him overturning all of my tomato plants; this is the stuff nightmares are made of.  We need to find a way to keep him out of our edible garden.  The obvious solution to this problem is a fence.  There are a few issues with that:

  1. The fence would need to be of a significant height since Bruno is a jumper
  2. It would also have to deep enough that he couldn’t dig underneath it
  3. It could be expensive.

I have read about several less expensive options, but the one I think I’d like to try the most is spreading moth balls around the garden.  Several people have said you need to be careful about children eating the mothballs, but I am not concerned about that. Bitsy Girl isn’t playing in the yard by herself at all, so I should be able to keep an eye on her. Plus, moth balls are super cheap.  I’ll let you know how it goes.


Tomorrow’s adventure:  Whole Wheat Tortillas!