I write this type of post mirroring posts I’ve seen on The Frugal Girl


Finally after having three weeks of bare (but nicely painted!) walls in the living room I decided to map out where I want to put pictures up.  I’ve got a few from our wedding a few years ago, one of each of us with Bitsy Girl, and one of each of us from the past.  Once that is up and done, I’ll share pictures.

This past weekend I cleaned out the pantry like a mad woman, and I’m ashamed to admit that I had some spilled corn syrup on the walls and shelves in there.  (I couldn’t see it until I moved everything out of there; don’t judge.)  Of course corn syrup is a terrifying substance, but I found the best thing to remove it:  hot water.  I put the hottest water I could stand in a bucket and wet a washcloth with it and wiped the syrup off.  I found if I rubbed in circles or side to side, I just spread the sticky stuff, but rubbing in the direction of the drips really got it all off!

Tuesday I took the day off to save sweet Bruno from the pound.  It turns out a neighbor’s dog was killed by a medium-sized black dog, and of course they swore it was the pitbull mix who did it.  Funny I didn’t notice any blood on his white snout….

Today was my going away lunch at work.  It made me realize that my resignation is for real.  I have been talking and thinking about it for a long time now, but to actually be this close to it is amazing to me.  As of Friday I am no longer gainfully employed.  I’ll write a post on it sometime soon, but I’ll just say this:  it was probably the second most controversial decision I’ve ever made*.

Finally, today I pick up my sister from the train station.


That’s my Sniglets at our wedding.  Isn’t she lovely?  She’s a very cool older sister, and I’m very much looking forward to her visit.  🙂

Next adventure:  hanging pictures in the living room.