A few weeks ago we painted our living room a very cool, calm greyish green:

Believe me, this was quite the improvement on the flat beige paint that was on our walls before!  I am, though, a giant procrastinator when it comes to putting up pictures, but this time!  Oh, this time!  I would be better.  So it’s been almost 5 weeks since we painted….and… I decided to put some interest to our bare walls.

These were my only tools:

A $7 level from Lowes, a hammer, and a pack of picture hanging nails.  With some cheap $3 Walmart frames, a canvas painting from Ollie’s, a framed poster from Goodwill, and a $20 mirror from TJ Maxx, I managed to make our walls look a little better:

Please excuse my tools in the picture, and our mildly obnoxious diaper bag.

Also, get a load of this on our gallery wall:

That’s my husband in high school.  How cute is he??  Beardless and all.  🙂


Through my experience hanging these photos I have come up with a few foolproof tips for hanging pictures (because, yes, I am a fool when it comes to hanging pictures).

1.  Always lay your artwork out on the floor before putting it up on the wall to see how you’d like to arrange them.  This is really pertinent when you are putting multiple pieces together in one area.  You want to know what everything looks like before you put holes in your walls.

2.  Measure EVERYTHING.  Measure how far the hanging hooks are from the top and sides of the frame, as well as from each other.  Also, check to see if the hanging hooks are level.  Fun Face:  Walmart frames often have unleveled hanging hooks.  It’s ok, you just have to make sure you that your nails are unleveled the same as your hanging hooks, and of course, check your picture once it’s on the wall.

3. Find studs.  If you have regular dry wall, find the studs.  End of story.  Other wise everything will fall off the walls.  If you’re like us and have wood paneling, anything goes.  We can put pictures all willy nilly!

4. Recheck the levelness when you’re done.  All that nailing can really swing some things around and mess up what you just worked so hard to do.  Always always always check the levelness of all of your pictures when you’re done.

I hope this helps all of you make your house look a bit more like a home. 🙂

I’m going to through a question here at the end:

I’ve got a friend who is due to have her little girl in the next few weeks, and I wanted to make her a “Mommy Going Back to Work” Kit.  I was already thinking of putting in breastmilk bags, some tissues and wet wipes, and a laminated “Do Not Disturb” sign.  Do you have any other suggestions?  Anything that might be nice and/or helpful?