I am a closet germ-a-phobe.  On the outside I tell people that I don’t mind my daughter chewing on the dog’s toys because it will build her immune system, and I don’t have a problem eating a cracker that has dropped on the floor (within time constraints, of course).  That is why yesterday I had a bit of a panic attack when I realized I was out of my Scrub-oxy-super-bleach-bathroom-cleaner-of-doom.  This stuff could sanitize a truck stop bathroom floor so well you’d eat off of it.  (Maybe.)

But it was gone.  I tried the spray handle about 5,000,000 times in hopes of getting every last ounce.  I looked inside to see if I could dilute it with a little water, but alas.  It was gone.

How then, do I sanitize my bathroom (the grossest of all gross places in my home)?  I looked up several online recipes for homemade bathroom cleaners; thank God for the internet.  I found a ton of recipes, but most of them had at least one ingredient that I didn’t have on hand, so I had to study them to determine what really these recipes were trying to accomplish, then make my own recipe.

I determined a good bathroom cleaner recipe requires the following:

Some kind of scrubbing/grainy substance – This is usually baking soda or Borax.  The main purpose of this ingredient is to physically scrub soap scum, etc. off your sink, toilet, tub, and tile.  Both ingredients have an odor-eating element to them, which makes the great for the bathroom.

Some liquid soap – This is either Castille soap or dish detergent.  These have antibacterial properties and just make surfaces look clean.

An antibacterial/santization agent – This can be anything from lemon juice to vinegar to tea tree oil.  Any of these will kill the tiny living creatures the lurk about your bathroom.  Sorry to gross you out, but us admitting they are there is half the battle in getting rid of them.

Water – Self explanatory.  Water just adds a little bit more liquid to make your cleaner the right consistency.

Scent (optional) – You can use an essential oil to give your bathroom cleaner a specific scent.  If you are using lemon juice or tea tree oil for your sanitization agent, your cleaner may already have a pleasant smell to you.  Vinegar, on the other hand, is not a smell everyone loves, and you may want to mask it with something more like orange or lavender essential oil.


So the cleaner I made yesterday was:

1 cup baking soda

1 tbsp dish detergent

8 drops tea tree oil

3/4 cup water

15 drops lavender oil

I put all the ingredients except the oils in a Mason jar, closed the lid, and shook very well.  After the ingredients were well mixed, I add the oils and shook again.  I transfer my cleaner to a spray bottle first, but because of the baking soda, this cleaner didn’t spray very well.  It’s more of a paste.  So I used a squirt bottle instead.  Perfect!

Anyone made their own cleaning products before?  Let me know what you think of this breakdown.