Since I’ve written a blog post.  In actuality it has only been about a week and a half.  Why the blogging hiatus, you ask?
I was serving at a church conference last week with a group of people that serve in either kids or students programming at my church.  I was leaving both Beard and the Bitsy Girl behind, so I had a lot of preparation and cleaning to do before I left, and once we got there we were serving very long days.  So I hope no one was offended by me taking a bit of a break.
I got back very late Friday night and drove out to see a friend from college on Saturday; needless to say, by the time Sunday hit I was beat.  So today I return to blogging.  I don’t have much scientific or exciting to talk about, but I will share with you a Beard Moment of the Week, since it’s been several weeks since I did one of those.
This morning I was heading out for a run, hoping I could go by myself.  When Beard is working I run with Bitsy in the jogging stroller and Bruno on the leash; it gets exhausting.
As I was about the grab my sneakers, Beard turned to me and said, “Bruno gets excited when he sees you in shorts.”  I stopped in my tracks and looked at my husband.  I thought for a minute, then realized what he actually meant.  What he meant to say was, “Bruno knows you’re going for a run when you wear those shorts, and he gets excited because he thinks he is going with you.”  But that is not what he said.  Instead, he made it sound like our sweet little puppy is a gross pervert.  And that is why, today, my Beard wins the awkward moment of the week.
Tune back in later this week for revamping an old sewing machine and some cloth diapering.