Cloth diapers.  For some people, just the name brings gross thoughts to their head; they see poopy messes that must be dumped in giant buckets of bleach, and they smell poop in every room in their house.  Not only was this not true with your grandmother’s cloth diapers, but it is most definitely not true with today’s new and improved cloth diapers.

When I was first pregnant, Beard and I were on a pretty tight budget, and I knew diapers would be a significant expense for us.  Being the amateur hippy I am, I decided to look into alternatives to the traditional disposable Huggies or Loves.  Of course there are some great prices for both generic and name brand prices in certain wholesale clubs or on some websites, and these are great options for those who cannot even dream of washing diapers in their washing machine.  But I didn’t like the idea of having to pay each week or month for paper that would just catch my daughter’s waste.  It seemed, well, a bit wasteful.

This week I’m going to write a few posts about our decision to use cloth diapers.  I’ll talk about what kinds and some common brands that are available, how to wash your cloth diapers, and then I’ll finish up with how to make cloth diapers work with your crazy life and schedule.

Tune back in tomorrow for the first installment!

On a side note, for your enjoyment I have a picture a friend took yesterday of the Bitsy Girl.