I write today from my childhood home.

This Sunday is Mother’s Day, and since I haven’t seen my mother on Mother’s Day for four years, I decided it was time to make the trek up here.  Bitsy Girl and I left Beard at home with a freezer stocked with chili, pasta primavera, and homemade tortillas and set off for the great north.  It is usually a seven hour drive from our home in central VA to the town I grew up in, but I knew that driving with a 10 month old would lengthen my drive.  Luckily, not by all that much.  We left early in the morning and made it here before rush hour traffic.

I’ll still be blogging this week, as I love to write and keep track of life, but I doubt anything will be very scientific.  It will probably be hilarious because I’ll be keeping you up to date with Bitsy Girl adventures, as well as things my family says, which is always fun.  Why?, you ask.  Because, well, I’ve avoided saying thus far where I am because I think it is the most significant piece of information of all.  I am

a Jersey girl.