As new-ish homeowners, Beard and I still have quite a bit to learn about how to take care of a house and make it our own.  We’ve been fairly slow in most of these processes, most likely because we moved in here when I was 8 months pregnant with the Bitsy Girl.  There really is only so much a giant waddling woman can help with, and with a tiny baby around, there isn’t much you can start on without fearing it will wake her up.  Now that we’ve realized Bitsy Girl could sleep through a circus dancing through her bedroom during nap time, we’re a bit more adventurous.

Yesterday we finally decided to tackle what is probably one of the biggest, but most dramatic improvements we want to make in this house:  painting the kitchen.  That may not sound like much; painting is a fairly easy job.  But when you have over 40 square feet of ridiculous cheap back splash to rip off, the job because a little bit more complicated.

This was our kitchen the day we moved in:

It wasn’t terrible, but definitely not our style.  The whole house was painted with flat, beige paint, which, to be perfectly honestly, has never really done it for me.  I’m more of a color kind of girl.  The most impressive thing in the photo, though, is the back splash.  It is a single sheet of what we discovered was dry erase board behind the counters, oven, and nearly floor to ceiling next to the back door.  This, my friends, was our challenge.

Some of you may be thinking “oh, how neat!  Dry erase board as your back splash.  Clever!”.  But those of you are sadly mistaken.  Not only did this junk cover way more square footage of wall than a normal back splash should, it was also not very cute at all.  Despite what it looks like in the photo, it was white with a faux gray marbling.  Which, of course did not match the black speckled counter tops that were put in by the same owner.  ::sigh::  That kitchen mismatched itself in so many ways it drove me nuts.

So more than one year after moving into this house, we finally decided to tackle the kitchen.  This decision was made based, of course, on the fact that I discovered that a good friend of mine loves to paint.  My husband hates to paint, but loves hanging out with my friend’s husband.

(I did not let Beard get away without helping with the back splash, of course.  I’m not sure my friend an-d I could have torn it down with as much efficiency as Beard can.  He can be truly Beardly sometimes.)

This is the lovely wood paneling we found underneath the back splash.  Our whole house has this stuff, and it has been oh so lovely to paint.  We were surprised to find it unpainted underneath the back splash.  The flat, beige paint caper mystery had finally been solved.  It was one owner to single-handedly painted the whole house one bland color and mismatched the kitchen to itself; way to go, Dude.

It was once the final pieces of back splash had been ripped off that Beard took a break.

He then promptly showered and ran quickly from the house with the Bitsy Girl so my friend and I could get painting.  It was a fairly uneventful job after this, but the results were oh so dramatic.

Pay no attention to the junk on our counter and stove.  We’re just slow at putting things away.  But seriously.  The difference is ridiculous.  The best part:  it only took one can of paint.  I haven’t quite decided what to do with the other can yet, but I’m not returning it.  Maybe I’ll paint the dog green. 🙂