Most people like to sleep in on a Saturday morning to catch up on some precious zzz’s.  I don’t.  Well, for several reasons, not the least of which is the fact that I naturally wake up before 7am every morning.  No matter what time I went to bed.  It’s a wonderful trait to have; I assure you.

Anyway, since I’m not sleeping on Saturday mornings, I have other things I’d like to be doing.

Like going to garage sales.

Or yard sales, as my husband insists I call them.  “They aren’t held in people’s garages, usually,” he says.

I don’t care.  Where I grew up we called them garage sales no matter where they were.

This past Saturday I had to drive Beard into the city to go to work; so I thought it would be a great opportunity to scope out some of the garage sales there.  The city is much larger than the town we live in, so by sheer volume, there are more garage sales, and therefore much cooler things to find.

I had nothing in particular in mind, just hoping to find something that caught my eye.  I picked up a few things that would be useful to us for less than $1:  a white outlet cover we needed for the newly painted kitchen and a refilling water dish for the outdoor kitties.

The best find, though, was something so surprising to me I could hardly believe it:

The high chair on the right was bought by my mother more than 25 years ago in a garage sale in New Jersey.  She knew she was having another little one, and the only way to find a good quality wooden high chair was to find a used one.  I believe she made the cushion herself.  My little heinie sat in that high chair.

I found the high chair on the left at a garage sale not 15 miles from my home in Central VA.  For $15.  More than 25 years after my mother bought the original.

Let me show you how awesome this match is:

Yes, folks, that is the same woodworking.  These are pretty much the same high chair.

I felt pretty good about this purchase, needless to say.

For those of you regular readers on this site, you may be thinking, “You only have one Bitsy Girl; why do you need two high chairs?”

The answer to that, my friends is simple:

Our little Bits is going to be a big sis.  The newest member of the DP family should be arriving around Christmas 2012.