So now you have it, folks.  Your one and only Domesticated Physicist has a bun in her oven; she’s in the family way; she’s going to have a baby.  Again.

And do you know what that means?  Pregnancy brings with it a whole host of fun and exciting peripheral symptoms, but the one that plagues me by far the most is, uhh, lack of movement.  So far in two pregnancies I haven’t been super nauseous, haven’t really vomited much, nor have I had a lot of the nasty sounding first trimester symptoms some women get.  But oh boy do I see a significant decrease in my digestive action.

Now, I fancy myself an amateur nutritionist, so I’ve looked up and studied some of the guidelines for all the stages of a woman’s life.  One of those fun things that always pops up is fiber.  (For more on fiber, please see my nutrition series.)

During pregnancy, a woman needs an extra few grams of fiber.  And while she is nursing, she’ll need still a few more.  Well, what if you are in both stages?  Bitsy girl wouldn’t give up breastfeeding if she had to trade her left leg, so I have no intention of forcing her to stop just yet.

(For the record, she is not yet 12 months old, and her and I had a deal that she’d breastfeed for a year; I can’t go back on a deal with my firstborn, now can I?)

From what I’ve read and learned, it seems that in order to maintain any sort of digestive regularity I’m going to have to consume a lot of fiber.  And by a lot, I mean a lot.

So these have become my new best friends:

On the left is a generic brand Metamucil, orange flavor.  Yum!  And the baggy is filled with golden flax seeds.  I’ve been putting these suckers in nearly everything, much to my husband’s dismay.  He hates picking them out of his teeth.  But he tolerates it because he’d be much worse off if he had a cranky wife!

Just thought I’d share some fun tidbits from the life of the DP household.  Thanks for stopping by!