Welcome to the Domesticated Physicist.  I’m a young wife and mother just beginning to figure out how best to keep my family healthy and my home neat and clean while on a budget.  I’ll post about all sorts of things that I think may be helpful to my readers.

Now for our cast of characters:


That is my affectionate nickname for my husband (for obvious reasons, I think).  He’s a computer geek and an occasional gamer, but puts on his Builder Beard pants when things need to be fixed around the house.  His love for bread is ridiculous.

Bitsy Girl

This is our daughter.  She loves to giggle, clap her hands, and stand up.  She does not enjoy her nose being wiped nor having a wet bottom.  She’s a bit of a princess, if you ask me, but I love this little booger.


Also known around here as Brunoscopy, the Woofer, Senior.  He loves to chase our kitties.


Also know as Malconian, Small Sir, Malcontent.  He was once my furry love until he decided to stop using the litterbox.  He now lives outside and is the official red-headed stepchild of our family.  He’s really the guy everybody loves to hate.


Also know as Nadularius.  She has always hated everyone.  Other cats, people, dogs.  Really just life in general.  She’s our beautiful little anti-social grump.  In an unfortunate sequence of events, she, too, lives outside with Malcolm.


Well, those are the regular characters you’ll hear about on DP.  I hope you enjoy our adventures and are encouraged and resourced by this blog.  If you have any questions or anything you want me to post about, research, or experiment with, please feel free to comment or send me an e-mail.